Who is Excellerence?

Excellerence is part of Visionem, Inc., located in Portland Oregon Metro. Currently, Excellerence consists of leadership development services provided by co-founder and Principal Robert Brock, an executive coach, business owner and management consultant. Robert's background is in the about us section on this website and also in more detail on LinkedIn here.

How long has Excellerence been in business?

The Excellerence name is reletively new, but Robert has been rendering coaching and development services for many years.

Who provides the services?

Currently, Robert Brock is the sole provider of Excellerence's services. Time and client load may lead to partnering with other practitioners.

Who does Excellerence serve?

Excellerence serves leaders in all levels of the organization - those in the throes of career transition, performance improvement and organizational change. Excellerence particularly specializes in helping mid and senior level managers make the leap to new leadership roles and navigate the challenges of managing up as well as down through the levels of the organization.

What is Excellerence's service area?

Excellerence is based in the Portland Oregon metro area. But it serves any English speaking leader anywhere who is comfortable with coaching services and assessments rendered over the phone and the internet.

What are the fees Excellerence charges?

This can vary based on the nature of the engagement. Most engagements are priced as a package crafted just for the client.

Does Excellerence work with Human Resource Departments?

Yes. Partnerships are established between the coaching client or team, the HR Department, and usually a managing sponsor.

How long does an average coaching engagement run?

3 to 6 months are average. Many of these engagement extend to a year based on client desire to continue. While shorter engagements can be productive for our clients, research is showing that clients embarking on significant change will require over 6 months of work to identify, plan, execute, and measure the desired change they wish to make.

Does Excellerence partner with other companies?

Yes. Where advantageous to bring the best to our clients, we will partner with other practitioners and companies where needed.